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The surge in online gaming, and appetite for new tech and games, has increased hugely in recent months. The obvious impact of multiple lockdowns and people forced to stay home has been the increased time and investment in gaming, with audiences for streamed events skyrocketing, and people buying new consoles to keep them entertained.

This coincided with some new releases, with new consoles from PlayStation and Xbox hitting the market late last year and receiving some rave reviews. It’s been difficult for some audiences to get their hands on the controller of the PS5 or Xbox series X – so we thought we’d run through our review of both systems to help you decide where to invest. PlayStation – PS5 PlayStation have long been the biggest name in gaming, so we knew to expect greatness, and some innovation that keeps things moving forward from previous iterations. The PS5 has a new look, but maintains familiarity in its styling, and they’ve streamlined some initial user experience. Simpler set-up and a user friendly interface mean it’s quicker and easier to get right into game play. The new controller is revolutionary, and the system has been released with a line-up of exciting new games, exclusive to PlayStation, to sweeten the appeal.

Initially there’s only a limited number of games, but the experience of playing takes your breath away (especially if you pair it with a 4K tv and HDMI2.1 to really see the full capabilities in play) and the user interface means it’s idiot proof to get into, so even those new to gaming can feel their way into things.

The GPU is mind-blowingly powerful, boosted by the super-fast NVMe SSD, giving higher than ever frame rates for smooth gameplay, and the controller comes with a built in microphone, stripping out the necessity for a headset (though you can still use one, if you prefer!) – it’s easier to use than the PS4, more intuitive and super powered.

The machine is quite chunky, so you’ll need to clear a space – but trust us when we say it’s worth it! Xbox Series X Another super-fast, high powered machine, this sleeker looking bit of kit gives you a high-end gaming experience that we’ve previously associated with top-of-the-line gaming PCs.

This gaming experience isn’t limited to their new games; older games can be played on the system and will see a noticeable boost in performance and appearance, so if shiny gameplay at the speed of light is what you’re looking for, the Series X might be just up your street. The perk of picking the Series X over a gaming PC is that they’ve packed all that power and performance into a console that costs a fraction of the price, comparatively.

The console also comes with the added advantage of numerous quality-of-life features – particularly their Quick Resume feature, which allows you to jump back into game play from multiple save states; a sort of ‘sleep mode’ that gives quicker loading time and better access to gameplay for those with busy lives.

When we look at the line-up of launch games for the Series X we’re disappointed; nothing jumped out to make us champ at the bit to run out and get one on release day, and the new features aren’t so special that we couldn’t hold off. Delays to the Halo Infinite release didn’t help!

The day was saved for Xbox with their Game Pass subscription; a simple monthly fee gives users access to hundreds of games, which definitely helped to boost interest when the new releases were so limited, and created more of a buzz for gaming fans.

As with all things Xbox, set up can be time consuming, and download space is limited, but once you’re ready to go it’s easier than ever to move between games and users, switching accounts simply, and that makes it a great device for families who all share one console and have varied gaming passions! i-Gem recommend… With our 5th anniversary, celebrations in the i-Gem team were enthusiastic – all the more so because we’re adding a PlayStation 5 to our in-office gaming station (as soon as we can get our hands on one!). Competition in the team is strong, and we can’t wait for lockdown to finish so we can all get together and have some fun, as well as supporting our clients face to face again!

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