The Importance of Belonging Within Your Organisation

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

How important are the people who work for you, what energy do you put into protecting them. And making sure that they are happy? Not just happy with their workload – but happy – in general?

With statistics evidencing that an adult in full time employment spends 63% of their day at work it’s understandable that it has a huge impact on their overall wellbeing and sense of self – and that creating a culture of inclusivity, supportive leadership and a team who feel content and communicate well, is absolutely vital.

Every workplace has a ‘vibe’ – a palpable feel to the place, which gives any potential new recruit a feeling when they arrive to be interviewed; a gut feeling which tells you whether or not you think you’ll fit in here – and whether you’re the right person for this environment.

Each business leader – and team – has their own interpretation of what that vibe should be, and what that culture needs to look and feel like. Some places like to be quite formal, with a strict dress code and rules about communication. Others have a more relaxed approach. Google famously have a giant slide in their head office – and dedicate themselves to having a fun and relaxed environment where the team can work flexibly.

For someone to thrive in their role they need to feel like they belong, and that they are accepted and important to the other members of their team. They need to feel heard, understood and relevant – and they need to know that their work has an impact on others – in a positive way.

Workplaces are also somewhere that people’s individuality and personality need to be accepted and embraced as part of the rich tapestry of people’s lives – and that personality should be brought into the environment to reward the efforts and culture of the team as a whole.

There are a range of ways that we do that here at i-Gem – where we not only want a vibrant culture of our own but aim to support that vibrancy in the teams of our clients and in the new recruits that we help to bring on board.

We create a fun environment with things like our Friday Fifa game sessions each week, and other regular game nights where the team get together outside of the office (COVID-19 permitting of course). Plus, we have our sports events where each of the team members have personalised hoodies with numbers on them, to boost team building and morale, with some friendly competition thrown in – again, COVID-19 permitting!

Our care and support goes far beyond just our own team, who we think of as a family. We build relationships with the family of each team member – such as including them in our get togethers, sending Mother’s Day flowers to their Mums and during Christmas we organised special video calls between team members and their families. 2020 has been incredibly hard on everyone, and we wanted to bring the extra sentiment and care from families they might not even be able to see during the Holiday break.

Another event we had an absolute blast with was the Paws in Work organisation. This gave us a great excuse (not that we need many…) to have puppies brought into our workplace and share the furry love around! It was a fantastic charity event which put smiles on our faces at a time when they were very much needed! Plus, it was a great stress reliever during a very busy period in our lives.

Building a great team is so much more than ticking boxes on a CV – it’s not just about finding the right experience and skills; it’s about finding the right person and personality which matches the environment they are joining and enriches the existing culture. It’s like welcoming a new member to the family!

Helping you to find that quality, which enhances and builds on your team’s existing excellence, is where we thrive – so call us on today 020 3909 3990 to find out how we can help you!

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