The A-Players – How to land them and how to become them

Every client we work with is looking to find something special; that X factor that you dream of bringing on board, a shining star who will lift your entire team to the next level, and bring success falling at your feet.

That something special comes in the shape of the A Player; that one person who stands out from the crowd, and who thinks differently, works harder, achieves more…

What does an A Player look like?

Much of it is innate; skills, behaviours and self-awareness that naturally give them space to grow, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

However, excellence can be learned, and can be built into the development of any employee – which means that the right support and leadership builds an A Team; a cohesive and successful environment where intellect, curiosity and ambition are readily demonstrated and celebrated.

How do I find an A Player to bring on board?

It could be luck – a needle in a haystack; with true A Players making up less than 10% of the available workforce, happening across one in a standard recruitment process is unlikely – but not impossible. If you truly want to hire excellence however, you need to create a defined strategy, tailored to identify and attract the cream of the crop, who will be as excited to join your team as you are to have them on board.

What does this strategy look like?

Think about what your ideal A Player would bring to your company; what skills and experience do you need?

List the bullet points; some is black and white CV information – qualifications, experience, specific skills relevant to the industry – and some is more abstract; how will they fit into the ‘family’ you’ve already built?

Tips to attract A Players

· Network

· Get your name out there

· Create the right culture

· Offer the right benefits

· Work with the right recruitment experts

Network – get yourself out there, meet people in the industry, attend events, join online groups, share your excitement and knowledge, and begin to build a wide-reaching network so people can see who you are and what you’re working on.

Get your name out there – not just as a face in the crowd – but as one to watch; build your profile online, share insight and advice, promote your products or services, shout about your successes, and build authority.

Create the right culture – happy employees have more than a good pay packet; the environment we work in, the leadership style and peer interactions, the way the office looks, the hours we work – all of this impacts people’s wellbeing and happiness, and whether they’d recommend working for you to others.

Offer the right benefits – Think about what, on top of competitive salary, you can offer. Pizza Friday? Extended holiday? Bonuses? Flexible working? Those in the gaming industry encourage gaming as a team, setting up events for their team to explore the latest games on the market, and what they can develop inspired by those trends.

Work with the right recruitment experts – rather than guessing, let the experts with years of experience in your niche industry, with a global network of contacts with expertise in every aspect of the work you do, and with a finger on the pulse of the up and coming talent heading into the job market, as well as established relationships with current A Players who may be ready to take their next step, do the hard work for you.

Our recruitment consultants have spent years building these relationships and positioning A players into teams across the world, seeing them thrive in their new roles and taking their employers to ever greater levels of success. Let us help you to find the next superstar and bring them on board.

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