Keeping Your Team on Track

Even in a normal year you need to ensure that your team are thriving and your client needs are being met – and this has been far from a normal year, so it’s more important than ever before to give your team everything they need from you to meet the needs of every project and customer.

Here are our seven steps to success to keep your team at the top of their game.

Lead by example

Whatever you want your team to achieve, and however you want that work to be delivered, you need to model it; standards of behaviour and dedication to the details all matter – and your leaders are where that comes from.

Talk it through

Communication is vital – and if there’s something specific you need people to do, you can’t expect them to read your mind. You need to talk – set the goals in motion and discuss with your team what the best way to achieve them would be. Don’t just issue orders; listen to their input. After all – they are the experts at their role.

IQ and EQ

Being the smartest doesn’t always mean you’ll be the best at leading your team; emotional intelligence – or EQ – is just as vital – and it’s important that your team feel supported emotionally as well as empowered in their skills and experience.

Trust your team to decide how they best work

Being dictatorial about who needs to be where and setting rigid hours isn’t always the best way to work; 2020 has proven that distance and virtual working are far more efficient than many believed, and letting your team decide the way they work is the best way to get the best from them!

Prioritise and reassess

It’s vital to set targets and goals, and to ensure that delivery on projects remains on target – but it’s also important that you can react in a timely manner if something crops up (which things inevitably do!) so regularly get your heads together to check in on what’s due, what can be pushed, where time can be made for urgent turnarounds, and keep communication open.

Time management masterclass

Some people are naturally organised – others are…somewhat shambolic? You know who has that skill, and who needs some support – so support your team with training on things like time management; give them the skills they need to meet every challenge head on.

Job boards and streamlining communications

2020 has forced many organisations to work virtually and from wide-spread home offices on a huge scale – and tools like Microsoft Teams, Trello and Zoom have been absolutely vital for keeping everyone on the same page. These job boards make it easy to see what is due, who is working on what, share documents and access files that are vital to the task.

Squads and bonding

Team building isn’t a naff 90s trend – it’s absolutely vital to create strong and trusting relationships between your team; gentle competition, games and activities, planning fun events and creating opportunities for people to get together off-project to just bond, build those relationships and support each other is key to success in and out of the office.

These tips are key to the way we work with our own teams, and are embedded into every client team we support, no matter what sector you are in. We know it works well for our Game and Data Logic sectors – and it’s helped us to navigate the troubled waters of the pandemic.

If you want more tips like this, and to embed the same success in your team, call our recruitment experts to find your next team members.

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