How Talent-as-a-Service will help you find your mission-critical talent

With millions of workers displaced by the epidemic, some people might think that hiring just got a lot easier. For many reasons, however, the evidence shows the reverse; instead of an unemployment crisis, many organizations face a hiring crisis. Some reasons are coronavirus-related, but others are long-term trends.

The problems

We have a demographically aging population and a gradual rise in employer expectations. A higher proportion of jobs require academic qualifications and technical experience, but the market’s growing demand for such people is not matched by the supply. Many college courses haven’t kept up with our rapidly changing technology, so we have lots of students with no jobs and lots of jobs with few candidates.

The number of graduates has also fallen since 2010, with many deterred by debt and the declining status of a degree. The decline is most noticeable among males. In the U.S., the number of women with post-secondary educations overtook men for the first time in 2015. In the UK, female students outnumber males in two-thirds of subjects.

The epidemic has caused a sharp drop in the number of people considering changing jobs or moving. When the future looks uncertain, change feels risky. Even for SMEs with low-tech vacancies, new hires are hard to find. The National Federation of Independent Business reports that one third of small businesses have vacancies they cannot fill. The shortage raises salary costs beyond the means of smaller enterprises.

Another way the lockdown has affected the employment market is through remote working. Having tasted the benefits - hours saved commuting and better childcare - many workers are reluctant to return to offices full-time. Firms that embrace remote working permanently could find skilled hires anywhere in the world, but those who don’t face greater difficulties.

The crisis for game development

No sectors are more likely to suffer in this difficult climate than game development. The reason is their success. Understandably, video gaming was popular in the lockdown but was already on a staggering growth curve. According to GlobalData, the industry was worth $130 billion in 2018 and will reach $300 billion by 2025. 5G will trigger an explosion in mobile gaming.

TaaS solutions

No factory can operate with a sporadic supply of raw materials and no office would endure constant electricity blackouts and brownouts, so why do we accept chaotic uncertainties in the supply chain of labor?

There are better ways to organize that supply chain. Drawing labor from a larger, constantly nurtured and renewed pool of talent is one of them. This is especially true for essential and talented personnel in sectors with known shortages and high turnover. As a talent specialist in the gamingindustry we build long-term relationships with our talent pool, constantly updating their profiles, experience, availability and contact information. We don’t lose touch when they are engaged in other work and retain their loyalty and goodwill by matching them with projects that advance their development and long-term ambitions, even if they take limited-term assignments.

Our talent pool is extensive enough that we can offer TaaS (Talent-as-a-Service), a subscription service that we call our Diamond Product. Diamond is ideal for companies that are constantly hiring. As with other “as a service” products, TaaS provides you with on-demand supply, scalability and freedom from background overheads; scouting, vetting, testing and other routine requirements are included in the service provided. Clients that hire two or more personnel over a period of 6 to 18 months will save approximately 30% on the hiring costs directly while eliminating the indirect overheads of unfilled vacancies and HR time wastage.

We also recommend this option for companies that need to build substantial teams quickly. There is virtually no other way to do that in today’s data industry marketplace. You can view more useful details here: (GameLogic) or use the contact info below to discuss your hiring challenges without obligation.

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