Data Science – The How and When

Recruitment can be a minefield; looking for the perfect addition to an existing team and embedding them to ensure smooth transition into the workflow, adding the skills you need to create a whole which supports the goals and targets of the organisation, and meets the needs of your clients.

It’s even more tricky when you’re looking for a very niche set of skills in a global market, and at a time when that market is so crowded. There are so many people currently seeking opportunities, and there’s an urgency for new roles because people have been impacted by the economic impact of the pandemic.

One niche area of recruitment we have experience in is data science – and many of our clients, even those seeking that expertise, have only a vague understanding of the industry. The world of data science has evolved so far from its beginnings that it’s worth refreshing your understanding of what it entails.

25 years ago, data science simply referred to the collection of datasets and the application of statistical methods, to process and gain insights from that data. Even that sounds complex; it just means using information about how your business performs to plan for the future.

That is, of course, still the basis of data science – but the field now involves niche areas like data analysis, predictive analytics, data mining, data cleansing, business intelligence, machine learning, pattern discovery, risk detection – and much more. A wealth of different skills and expertise are vital components to excellence in data science – and recruitment needs to be as specifically focussed as the differing branches, or you risk missing vital insights within your organisation.

There is a huge skills gap in the industry, and we see an increasing need for more specific data scientists, those focussed in niche areas, rather than a generalist – and that’s where you can benefit from working with expert recruitment consultants who have insight into the industry globally, and a network of contacts within that world.

For obvious reasons, there has been a significant increase in requirements for experts in health tech. Data science is a vital tool in supporting the infrastructure and developments in this area globally, and you’ll need to tailor your search to the specific skills and niche DataLogic experience which supports the needs of your business, your clients and the goals you’re working towards. This means your recruitment processes need to be thorough and highly specific.

The industry is evolving into an ever more complex and sophisticated arena and stepping into 2021 we already know that it’s a hot topic, and one which is seeing a lot of investment – in skills, training, tech development and software – it’s also a popular area for those entering the job market for the first time to focus their own development. Those companies investing in training and support for their existing teams are seeing better success in the recruitment of specific skills, and a local focus on the New York market with insight into the global trends for the future of Data Science means that i-Gem recruitment consultants are keeping one step ahead of the needs of not only our clients, but of the market as a whole.

Benefiting from these insights means that you can target your recruitment to meet not only your current needs, but the upcoming needs of your organisation as this fast-moving industry continues to grow in talent and importance. Speak to one of our team today about how we can help you find the niche talent you need for your organisation to maximise your business growth. Contact us today to find out more!

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