Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Launch

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Ok – we know, we’re a recruitment agency – we are here to help you to build your team, to access the best talent in the industry, and to find IT expertise to help your business to grow – but there’s more to us than work – and we’re too excited about the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War launch to keep quiet on the subject!

War games come in many formats – but there’s a reason that the COD empire is so successful in the gaming community, and this latest release has been much anticipated. Strategy, insights into differing forces, different scenarios and battles, and the interaction between teams of friends or strangers, all connected over the thrill and competition of the game, mean that each iteration of COD offers something new and different, and the quality of gameplay and graphics are second to none.

This new edition is a direct sequel to the first Black Ops game, which means that single-player storylines are going to give the chance to explore the riotous and dark politics of the 1980s from an inside perspective, hunting a Soviet agent – and the multi-player world is vast, so there are a lot of different ways to enjoy the game.

Gamers world-wide are on tenterhooks, and most of our own team have blocked the weekend out to dive in to Black Ops Cold War; we are taking advantage of our huge network of equally passionate contacts, many of whom we know are just as keen as we are for todays launch and to get some serious gaming sessions going. It’s this passion for gaming that shaped our business in the first place – and working in an industry that brings us so much excitement, competition, world-leading tech and game design, as well as putting us at the forefront of the industry’s news, developments and watching the shining stars we help to recruit grow through their career is a real thrill.

Every member of the i-Gem team is passionate about gaming, which is why we developed our Game Logic branch, where our recruitment focuses on sourcing the upcoming talent in the gaming industry, to position excellence into industry leading Gaming developers, researchers and technical teams. Not only does this make great use of our expertise in recruitment, and the global network we’ve built, it also means that we are on the front line of industry news, and have relationships with the best game developers and gamers around the world – which means our Black Ops Cold War sessions are going to be EPIC!

We take a lot of pride in our passion, and in the commitment our recruitment consultants offer to clients and jobseekers, ensuring that the right partnerships, benefitting both the team and the individual, are identified and progressed. Specialising in an industry we care about so much means that we go above and beyond – bringing you specialist IT Recruitment, gaming, and consultancy, always dedicated to creating and nurturing long term, positive relationships, with clients and candidates alike.

All of our work is based on our foundations of honesty, integrity, and hard work – and our love of gaming. (ALL games, let’s not kid ourselves!) Our consultants strive to understand the market place and deliver the very best service, which is why our relationships with the biggest names in the IT and gaming industry are so strong, and why talent trust us to identify the best new opportunities. Call us today to find out more, and let us help you to find the next big star for your team.

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