Are there born leaders?

How often has it felt as if you were not made for the role you wished to be in? You have looked at leaders in your life and experienced an ‘if only’ moment. If only I was strong enough, brave enough, smart enough, relatable enough, that I too, could be a leader. For some, there has never been a shadow of doubt in your mind that you will be a manager or CEO one day.

Many who are reading this, will be at different stages in becoming a leader, and even those in a senior level position, still have a boss or board to go back to for their own goals and progress. In our recent exclusive webinar with Jason Fox, a topic that took centre stage was; how can you become a successful leader? What traits or skills do you have to adopt in order to step into that role?

You need to get comfortable with being under pressure

“I remember once being told how diamonds are made because of the immense pressure they go through. Years and years of consistent weight to get to the result.” It is human nature to back off when times get hard, to take our foot of the gas and admit defeat, or worse, make excuses.

Instead of acting shocked and frustrated when you start to feel the pressure of your job, welcome it. Accept it with open arms like it is an old friend and congratulate yourself on taking another step forward in your progression. This is a fundamental and simple way to shift your mindset and have a positive impact on your team. “The qualities you instil into your teams early on, will ultimately be passed back down the chain as they rise through the ranks.”

It sounds simple right? For Jason Fox who was entered into a strong system of discipline and determination in his career, the business world has the same capacity to handle its own version of tough situations, it just takes time, practice and dedication.

Gaining your teams trust and loyalty is a long-term commitment

Where does the responsibility lie when implementing a culture of trust and loyalty? Should people have that dictated to them, or do they need to be trusted to have that autonomy? “At the end of the day, grass shoots up. You are encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and take control of their future, they can look to their leaders and see the investment.”

Within the recruitment industry, we can confidently say that hiring a candidate who has the ‘get up and go’ attitude to drive forward their career is a necessity for any hiring manager. Equally, leaders can often think that is where their involvement stops. “You have to nurture that curiosity to achieve more.” Loyalty and trust are bred through a professional receiving a genuine interest from their manager in their progression.

At some point we have all felt like cogs in the machine, and just a number on the payroll. What did it feel like to be led? What actions and methods did you respond to, and what caused issues between you and a previous manager? Without realising, we have all been training to become a leader. Whether you are new in your career or have been a CEO for a decade, your interactions with leaders has given you invaluable lessons on what works and what doesn’t.

Encourage leadership from day one

Although some may find it hard to believe, and others will be able to see clearly the time and effort Jason Fox has put into becoming a respected leader, he would agree that he was not born into that position. It is not something that is a part of your DNA but qualities you build over time. Happy to be a solider amongst the ranks and to do his part, it took time for him to confidently step into that responsibility.

“It took years of me gaining experience, and learning more about the people and building relationships. I definitely learnt how to be a leader, not just be born one.”

Leaders have the opportunity to encourage outstanding future leaders. They will be a sponge for knowledge and if you take the time to get to know what works, what doesn’t, why they are not performing to the max and how you can support their productivity, you will be nurturing a true investment for your company.

It is refreshing above all else, to hear a world-renowned leader, talk openly about his progression towards where he is today. He listened, engaged and practiced in order to lead others with trust and loyalty. We will be exploring more of his incredible tips and insights over the coming weeks.

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